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4 What will you do in the UK If you have a planned itinerary please submit a copy of this with your Son or daughter s spouse or civil partner Stepfather stepmother stepson stepdaughter stepbrother or stepsister or out the wrong form. Please refer to your local visa application centre guidance to check which visa you should apply for. The fee payable is for an application processing and entry clearance decision-making service not the guaranteed delivery of a visa therefore I will not be...
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Hi guys its Kate again so are you planning to apply for UK tourist visa but you don't know where to start have you tried searching online, but you find all the information too overwhelming well then lucky for you, I am going to discuss a step-by-step guide on how to apply for UK tourist visa if you'd like to find out please keep watching Music now this video may be a country-specific guide but for those of you who are not from the Philippines this video might be helpful for you because I'm going to give out a tip or two on how to last you get your s visa so just a disclaimer I am NOT an expert in immigration or UK tourist visa, but my opinion is based from my own experience so first and foremost I have been to the UK twice both are for visit purposes so first how to apply UK tourist visa so first and foremost UK tourist visa is not going to be launched at the British Embassy in Manila you have to submit your application through their official partner which is VFS global the good part about applying for a visa for UK is that there are no interviews unlike for when you apply for a visa to the US, but the thing is the thing about not having an interview is that you won't be able to express or you won't be able to explain yourself a little more as to why you want to visit the UK so considering that you won't be able to explain yourself in person or through an interview you will have to do all of it through papers, so you will have to submit as much or as many documents as you can to support your application so restriction your visit cannot be more than six months you have to have enough money to support yourself during your visit without working or needing help from public funds or you can have a sponsor like myself back then when applied for tourist visa my boyfriend at the time with so much burned he was my sponsor, so I will explain a little more about that later on you are not allowed to work while you are on a visit visa this is the most common misconception by many they think that once you're in the UK you're automatically allowed to find work no no no no you're not allowed to work otherwise you're risking yourself of being deported, and you can be banned for 10 years as well judging by the name itself tourist visa you're a tourist you're on a visit, so you are not allowed to work next you will not marry or register a civil partnership this is not allowed if you intend to marry your boyfriend or your girlfriend you will have to go back to your home country and applies for a fiancée visa from there you cannot register a civil partnership or a wedding or anything like that while you're in a visit visa your tourist visa is strictly just for visit purposes, so next question is when can you apply for your tourist visa UK visa can be applied for a maximum of three months from your intended date of entry, so my intended entry way back in 2014 was in November so since my intended entry back then was in November I lodged my application in September yes...
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